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In 1990, it was the beginning of our journey towards excellence and changing the concept of the optics among the Saudi community with the opening of our first branch in Jeddah. Through years in which we have had a lot of difficulties and faced many challenges; here we are now in 2017, realizing our successes with fifteen branches spread in the main cities of our kingdom.

"Customer satisfaction" is a priority action taken by the team to provide all customer’s needs, which lead to provide him full comfort and satisfaction.

We welcome our customer with a great smile and initiative to help, welcome him with the best way he deserves as one of our valued customers. We always provide him the hospitality before we offer him the work service

Our History


#First_Branch_of_ ALBADR Which had a significant imprint in the world of optics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; being one of the first in this area.


2001 (Jeddah- Alkhaldiah)

It features a lively and busy location in one of the most important intersections in the north of Jeddah.

In 2003 Selected in the 20/20 magazine as one of the largest and most beautiful 10 stores in the world.

In 2007 Won the title of the best exhibition in the Gulf.


2005 (Jeddah Altahlia) “Nujood Centre”

In implemntation of the expansion policy, the largest branch was opened in Tahlia street with an area of 450 m2


2005 (Riyadh) “Panorama Mall”

This branch began to take a special line by introducing the latest fashion in the world of "sunglasses".


2007 (Riyadh) “Hayat Mall”

It was the first experience to open a branch of AlBadr in a mall; and we are glad to say that it was very successful.


2007 (AlKhobar) “Algosaibi Village”

This branch has been opened to implement the proliferation policy in major cities, and we were pleased to meet the services of our clients in these areas.


2008 (Riyadh) Takhassisi St

The opening of this branch was one of the important expansions of AlBadr in the capital Riyadh.


2009 (Riyadh) Olaya Street

One of the largest and most distinctive branches in Riyadh, which was opened in a lively and large area suitable to the needs of the customer there.


2010 (Jeddah) Prince Sultan St

A great location for AlBadr in Jeddah on one of the most lively and busy areas.


2015 (AlMadina) Sultana Street

We were pleased to open a branch in AlMadina, and provide our services to our clients there. the location was chosen in one of the most important commercial streets.


2015 (AlBadr Boutique) Boulevard

AlBader's concept of the boutique stores has come from the principle of providing distinguished service to their discerning customers, where the finest and most expensive brands of glasses are displayed in this boutique.


2015 (AlBadr Boutique) AlOlay

After the success of the AlBadr Boutique Boulevard branch, we decided to open another boutique in another distinctive location to be the destination of our distinguished customers


2017 (Mecca) “AlTassan Centere”


2017 (Mecca) “Wateer Plaza”